Fully Automatic, Versatile Jar and Bottle Filling Machine

Output: Up to 10 Filling Heads
Product: Liquid / Paste

The versatile automatic jars and bottle filling machine is designed to accurately fill a wide variety of container shapes and sizes.


  • PLF-2000 can be quickly and easily adjusted to fill a variety of different bottle sizes.
  • Two or more bottles can be filled simultaneously.
  • Bottle positioning is monitored by a photoelectric cell, ensuring correct alignment with fillers before filling.

Additional Options

  • Cap closure with manual or automatic cap feeding.
  • The machine can be incorporated in a full line including bottle blowing, capping and labeling.

Method of Operation

  • Infeed conveyor delivers empty bottles to the holding station.
  • Filling starts automatically, once the photoelectric cell confirms position under fillers.
  • After pneumatic fillers have completed the fill, the containers are automatically released onto the discharge conveyor.
  • Cycles automatically repeats for empty bottles at infeed.
  • See how it works: PLF 2000 Video
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plf 2000 filling bottles
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