Pre-formed Container Filling, Sealing and Capping Line of Machines

The PXM is a newly developed line of the Pack Line Fully Automatic inline packaging system for Filling and Sealing Machines and is based on digital mechanical, combined with pneumatic, assemblies. PXM machines are suitable for a wide range of liquid, paste, granulated and powdered products, including multi-component mixes. They can be used for dairy products salads and dressings, sweet desserts, dry soups, frozen dishes, cosmetics and much more.


Pneumatic Driven Fully Automatic Filling Machine

Pack Line’s PXG machines are extremely versatile fully automatic inline packaging system for filling, sealing and capping with flexibility that enables us to ensure that you receive the best quality application to perfectly match your packaging needs.


Versatile Automatic Bottle and Jars Filling Machine

The versatile automatic bottle and jars filling machine is designed to accurately fill a wide variety of plastic and glass containers shapes and sizes. The entire inline packaging system is carried out using advanced technology that assures high quality results.