• PXG cup sealing machine


    Model: PXG Pneumatic Driven, Fully Automatic Filling, Sealing and Capping of Pre-formed Containers Output: : 25 to 100 cups per minute Product: Powder / Granulated
  • PAO cup sealing machine


    Model: PAO Packaging Equipment for Catering, Semi-prepared Foods and Different Prepared Dishes Product: 10 to 120 units per minute The PAO semi-automatic machine uses film
  • NB-070

    Model: NBM-070 Output : 25 to 50 units per minute Product: : NB-070 A Paste / Liquid NB-070 B Powder / Granulated / Pieces A
  • PXM cup sealing machine

    PXM Fully Automatic, Servo-driven, Linear Filling, Sealing and Capping Machine

    PXM is a fully automatic, in-line filling and cup sealing machine that is based on digital, mechanical and pneumatic assemblies. PXM machines are suitable for packaging a wide range of liquid, paste, granulated and powdered products into preformed containers of various size and shapes. The machine can be used for dairy products, salads, dressings, desserts, dry soups, frozen dishes, cosmetics and much more.
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