Model: NBM

Output 30 to 120 units a minute
Product: : Powder / Granulated / Pieces / Paste / Liquid

NBM cup filling and sealing is a technologically advanced line of fully automatic rotary filling and sealing machines. This line, which features a smooth index or driven movement of a 12-position rotary platform, is the best the solution for liquid, paste, granulated and powdered products.
The main advantage of the NBM cup filling and sealing machine line is extreme flexibility.


  •  Volumetric fillers for liquid and pasty products with servo driver suitable for CIP cleaning.
  • Volumetric fillers for liquid and pasty products with pneumatic drivers.
  • Various construction of fillers for granulated and dry products.
  • Various special fillers for the wide range of products

Additional Systems for Fillers

  • Closed working area includes HEPA-mounted filters and laminar air flow for creation of bacterial, dust-free air space
  • Sterilization of containers and sealing materials. In chambers with UV lamps by processing with hot air and dry steam.
  • Installation of fillers suitable for the CIP cleaning.

Container Closing Systems

  • Container sealing including modified atmosphere system (MAP) with residual oxygen level up to 0.3-0.4 percent.
  • Fast machine adjustment to different containers types and sizes.
  • Connection with outside computer for the machine performance information transfer.
  • Printing device for variable parameters.
  • The machine supply is full packaging line, including ready-product group packing.

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