Model: PDP-4

Fully Automatic, Rotary Pouch Packaging Machine

Output: 35-40 pouches per minute
Product: Powder / Granulated / Pieces / Paste / Liquid

Pouches are the most reliable packing method for juices, dairy products, salad dressing, soups, spices, detergents and more. PDP-4 is a rotary pouch packaging machine designed on a mechanical rotary platform base with pneumatic assemblies. Extreme flexibility is the machines’ greatest asset. The lines operate with fillers for liquid, dry or powdered paste and hot products. The machine adjustments for different pouch sizes are fast and easy.

Packline now offers Repeat USA PE recyclable film and pouches. 100% recyclable, medium or high-barrier properties, SUP or flat PE pouch, easy peel or strong peel, and zipper. Great for wet or dry food, frozen food and MAP applications.

Rotary Pouch Packaging Machine - PDP-4

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