Model: PDP

PDP-2M Output :Up to 20 pouches per minute
PDP-4 Output : 35 to 40 pouches per minute
Product: :  Powder / Granulated / Pieces / Paste / Liquid

PDP-2M and PDP-4 are designed on a mechanical rotary platform base with pneumatic assemblies. Extreme flexibility are the machines’ greatest asset. The machines include rotary platform, pouch dispenser and ejector, room for two fill sealing and cooling bars.
Also included are hot stamp coding device, PLC control system and safety guarding.


  • Pneumatic piston filler for liquid and paste, filling size up to 1000cc, filling speed on maximum dose up to 20 pouches per minute.
  •  Volumetric filler for solids with packaging shaker, maximum filling size up to 1000cc.
  • Auger fillers for micro and macro fills.
  • Scale fillers, up to 16 scale heads.

Additional Systems for Fillers

  • Electronic system for filling size adjustment.
  • Clean-in-place.
  • Cut-off and suck back nozzle.
  • Nozzle for liquid hot filling.

Container Closing Systems

  • system residual oxygen level of a maximum 0.3-0.4 percent.
  • Set for different pouch sizes.
  • Discharging conveyor extension.
  • Rotary table for final assembly

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