Pneumatic Driven, Fully Automatic Filling, Sealing and Capping of Pre-formed Containers

Output: 25-100 cups per minute
Product: Powder / Granulated / Pieces / Paste / Additional

Extremely versatile, PXG machines feature fully automatic filling, sealing and capping operations. With PXG´s flexibility, you get the best application to perfectly match your packaging needs. Fillers can be fitted with a CIP cleaning system. Pre-cut lid or membrane cut from roll can be combined with a plastic cap. PLC control system regulates machine function in its entirety or through individual components. Machine adjustments to different container shapes and sizes are fast and easy.


  • Pneumatic piston filler for liquid and paste, salads
  • Mechanical piston for liquid, paste and salads
  • Servo Driven filler for granulated, paste or liquid products
  • Garnish fillers

Additional Systems for Fillers

  • PLC control system for quantity regulation
  • Weight checker providing feedback to the fillers
  • Clean-in-place system (CIP)
  • Cut-off nozzle
  • Suck back nozzle

Container Closing Systems

  • Pre-die, cut lids sealing system (Aluminum or other material)
  • Container sealing with a membrane cut from a roll
  • Plastic lids Pick and Place system
  • Plastic lids Spinning Roll system

Additional Options

  • Container MAP System: creation of modified residual oxygen level equal to 0.3-0.4 percent.
  • High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) process: preserves ready-to-eat foods for a longer shelf life.
  • OMNI filler system is a multi-purpose vertical-positioned piston filler is used for thick viscous liquids or particulated products with limited changeovers.
  • Kettle servo-driven filler system is design to handle delicate particulate mixtures without deformation or loss of piston filler speed and performs consistently to provide accurately dispensed results.
  • Volumetric filler system dispense a variety of dry free-flowing products and is designed to fill at both low and high speeds
  • Fast change-over system to adjustments container types and sizes.
  • Extension of discharging conveyor.
  • Link to exterior computer for information transfer, designed to assist in machine function.
PXG Fully Automatic Fufi Farms - Packline USA
PXG Fully Automatic Fufi Farms 2 - Packline USA

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