Model: NBM

Output 30 to 120 units a minute
Product: : Powder / Granulated / Pieces / Paste / Liquid

NBM cup filling and sealing is a technologically advanced line of fully automatic rotary filling and sealing machines. This line, which features a smooth index or driven movement of a 12-position rotary platform, is the best the solution for liquid, paste, granulated and powdered products.
The main advantage of the NBM cup filling and sealing machine line is extreme flexibility.

NBM Bottle Machinery

Model: NB-70

Output : 25 to 50 units per minute
Product: : NB-070 A Paste / Liquid
NB-070 B Powder / Granulated / Pieces

A fully automatic machine for filling and sealing of cups with pre-formed lids or membrane cut directly from roll. Rotary platform is driven by analogue engine. The machine easily handles up to 20 ounces of volume and utilizes seven- to nine-station rotation platforms depending on cup configuration and capacity. Two filling operations may be preformed in the same cup before sealing. The entire process is automatic with most operations performed pneumatically.