The importance of packaging design is rarely undervalued but is your packaging line tuned well to get your product to the customer fast and issue free. At Packline USA, we understand that packing your content is as important as the packaging itself. That’s why we strive to develop an efficient and intelligent customized solution to meet the packaging needs of your business.

Our expertise in packaging and custom engineering is based on decades working side by side with entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to develop innovative solutions to suit every packaging need.

  •     Packaging: Lightweight, recyclable and damage-resistant containers that are attractive, easy-to-use products that can match volume requirements. Containers, and films that withstand high pressure processing (HPP) with 99% accuracy.
  •     Fully automated process: Containers are filled and sealed by standard automated packaging lines.
  •     Roll stock film: Packline’s flexible films are manufactured with high-performance structures for food and non-food products, requiring barrier and non-barrier packaging that combines up to five layers of lamination.
  •     Packline machines: Custom-engineered with integrated systems for speed, Controlled Modified Atmosphere, HPP Style, CIP cleaning systems, viscosity and labelling.
  •     Remote service reporting: Optimization of the production process with Internet data gathering in real time. Remote monitoring software is user friendly and specifically designed for the end-user’s analytical needs.

Packline USA is a leading global manufacturer of linear and rotary filling and sealing packaging machines and a supplier of packaging for the food and beverage industries. We collaborate with our clients to create high-end customized solutions delivered in an expeditious time frame. The flexibility of our packaging technology allows high adaptability in choosing the desired outer packaging. Our packaging solutions are designed to meet your packaging needs.

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