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Deli-up with On-the-Go Lifestyles

More and more people are working longer hours, leaving little time or the desire to cook or prepare meals at home. Alternate working and studying cycles in our 24/7 world have greatly increased the demand to buy a variety of prepared foods, chilled foods, deli foods, snacks and salads. Consumers of all ages want variety and they want it right now. How much so? Total deli department sales amounted to about $25.6 [...]

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Why Packline is a Leader in the Food Packaging Industry

Packline USA offers innovative, modular packaging solutions for all your food production needs. No matter what type of food you are manufacturing, we currently provide reliable, complete, worldwide, food packaging solutions for 16 different countries. As a food production company, you need packaging that brings your food to life. After all, what attracts customers is the packaging aesthetics, durability and efficiency. Let us assist with our outstanding knowledge of various products, packaging options and [...]

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