Deli-up with on-the-go lifestyles

More and more people are working longer hours, leaving little time or the desire to cook or prepare meals at home. Alternate working and studying cycles in our 24/7 world have greatly increased the demand to buy a variety of prepared foods, chilled foods, deli foods, snacks and salads. Consumers of all ages want variety and they want it right now. How much so? Total deli department sales amounted to about $25.6 billion (U.S.) in 2016. And that figure is expected to increase even more in 2017.

No worries. We’re here. For more than 20 years, Packline has been a leading supplier of deli cups in all shapes and sizes. Our clients depend on our innovation, dependability and high level of service. We cater to demanding consumers who expect minimally processed foods that are high in quality, nutritionally superior and ready to eat. What’s more, Packline’s professional staff understands that refrigerated foods must have an extended shelf life to ensure microbiological freshness and quality. And we work with you from start to finish to develop a packaging system to meet these demands.

Industry leader Packline meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Packline offers:

  • Packaging: Lightweight, recyclable and damage resistant containers are attractive, easy-to-use products that match your volume. Containers and film that can withstand high pressure processing (HPP) with 99% accuracy.
  • Fully Automatic Process: Containers are filled and sealed by standard automated packaging lines.
  • Roll Stock Film: Our flexible films are manufactured with high-performance structures for food and non-food products, requiring barrier and non-barrier packaging that combine up to five layers of lamination.
  • Packline Machines: Custom-engineered machines with integrated systems for speed, Controlled Modified Atmosphere, HPP Style, CIP cleaning systems, barrier films, viscosity and labeling.

Packline USA Provides Solutions, From Conceptual Design to Packaging Your Final Product.

If you would like a copy of Packline USA’s full-line brochure, click on the link below to email us. Please indicate whether you prefer a PDF or printed copies sent to you.