Packline USA

Packline USA offers innovative, modular packaging solutions for all your food production needs. No matter what type of food you are manufacturing, we currently provide reliable, complete, worldwide, food packaging solutions for 16 different countries. As a food production company, you need packaging that brings your food to life. After all, what attracts customers is the packaging aesthetics, durability and efficiency. Let us assist with our outstanding knowledge of various products, packaging options and high tech complex machinery.

Personalized Design

When you contact us, rest assured that we will not simply sell you one of our products: We analyze your packaging needs to determine the best filling and sealing packaging machine and other packaging products for you. Then we design your very own complete food packaging solution. No matter your product, we have the equipment for it. Food products we package include the following:

Custom Product Packaging for Dip and Salsa - Packline USA

Dips & Salsa

Custom Product Packaging Bottles and Jars - Packline USA

Bottles & Jars

Custom Product Packaging Jello and Pudding - Packline USA

Jello & Pudding

Custom Product Packaging Oatmeal and Cereal - Packline USA

Oatmeal & Cereals

Custom Product Packaging Soups and Dressings - Packline USA

Soups & Dressings

Custom Product Packaging Ready and Frozen Meals - Packline USA

Ready to Eat and Frozen Meals

Custom Product Packaging Produce and Toss up- Packline USA

Produce and Toss Up

Custom Product Packaging Single Grab N' Go - Packline USA

Single Serving Coffee Cups

We also offer the following additions:

  • Labeling
  • Sleeve
  • Date Coder
  • Metal Detector
  • Weight Check
  • Multi-purpose fillers
  • CIP Cleaning System
  • Map System
  • Remote Service Reporting


At Packline USA, we are constantly collaborating with engineers and businesses to make sure our modular constructions are the best fit for your production and packaging needs. Our basic lines include pre-formed containers and stand-up pouch filling and sealing, and PET bottle blowing,filling and sealing. We market several fully automatic packaging machines built for specific types of food packaging, production types and special services. Each machine has built-in remote monitoring software that increases efficiency and peace of mind if any issues were to surface.

PXM cup sealing machine


This machine can be used for various types of foods, such as dairy products, desserts, dry soups, salads and salad dressings, and even cosmetics. It specializes in liquids, pastes, powders, and granulated products, which are packaged and filled into preformed containers. It’s a fully automatic, servo-driven, linear filling, sealing and capping machine with digital, mechanical and pneumatic technology.


This system is fully automatic, pneumatic and very versatile. It is used for sealing, filling and capping. PXG can come equipped with a CIP cleaning system and pre-cut membranes or lids can be combined with a plastic cap. You can use the LP control system for global control or local control of individual components. You can also easily change the shape and size of containers.

NBM Bottle Machinery


The fully automatic, servo-driven NBM, ideal for liquids, pastes, and granulated and powdered products, is a 12-position rotary filling and sealing machine.


A fully automatic machine for filling and sealing cups with preformed lids or membranes directly cut from rolls. It can operate 7 to 9 station rotation platforms determined by cup configuration or capacity. It also allows two filling operations to be preformed in 1 cup before sealing.

Catering Packaging Equipment Machin - PAO


The PAO uses multiple sizes and shapes of plastic containers to hermetically seal. The lid conforms to the shape of the container as it is cut from the roll of film. The photo mark helps orient different laminated films that are used wit or without printing.

PAO-R - Semi automatic sealing machine


This machine has a rotary system that can be easily switched from automatic to semi-automatic and is used for container sealing.

Rotary Pouch Packaging Machine - PDP-4

PDP4 and PDP2M

These rotary systems are versatile for making stand-up pouches, which are ergonomic designs especially useful for producing and using products like juices, spices, dairy, soups, salad dressing and detergents.


With easy and fast adjustments of pouch size, this table top, semi-automatic packaging machine for stand-up pouches is great for liquids, pastes and hot products.


Designed to have high flexibility, PFM is a rotary filling and capping machine for bottles and jugs, such as mineral water, salad dressing and detergent.


Fully automatic and versatile, PLF-2000 is ideal for bottles and jars of varying shapes.


This semi-automatic, mostly pneumatic system for aluminum foil lids handles up to 20 ounces.


Packline USA proudly supplies customers with 24 hour parts and service support with technicians ready to assist on six continents. Take advantage of this service as long as you own a Packline USA product. Service support includes parts and service technical support, installation and start up assistance, and training assistance.

To avoid the necessity of physical contact, each machine has built-in monitoring software that allows 24/7 remote monitoring. With remote monitoring, we can assess the efficiency of machines and fix issues without being on-site. This is essential for increasing uptime, and the software communicates and singles out any system lag.

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