Snack Sales Keep Rising. On-the-go lifestyles have created a huge demand for snack foods. And the increasing desire to eat these kinds of foods combined with more and more options keep growth robust. User-friendly packaging is playing a big role, too, notes Sarah Schmansky, a director with Nielson Fresh Growth and Strategy, analysts who study consumer trends and habits worldwide.

According to reports, a staggering 90 percent of consumers snack multiple times throughout the day and 47 percent say they can’t get through the day without their favorite snacks. While salty snacks and candy are still the most popular, cheese snacks ranked third in sales with other options experiencing growth, including:

  • Healthy foods
  • Fruit and veggie slices with dips
  • Paired or multiple products for more balance
  • Meat for the protein conscious

Industry leader Packline meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations when it comes to providing the most productive packaging solutions for the snack foods industry.

Packline offers:

  • Packaging: Lightweight, recyclable and damage resistant containers are attractive, easy-to-use products that match your volume. Containers and film that can withstand high pressure processing (HPP) with 99% accuracy.
  • Fully Automatic Process: Containers are filled and sealed by standard automated packaging lines.
  • Roll Stock Film: Our flexible films are manufactured with high-performance structures for food and non-food products, requiring barrier and non-barrier packaging that combine up to five layers of lamination.
  • Packline Machines: Custom-engineered machines with integrated systems for speed, Controlled Modified Atmosphere, HPP Style, CIP cleaning systems, barrier films, viscosity and labeling.

Packline USA Provides Solutions, From Conceptual Design to Packaging Your Final Product.

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